Tapas - a cover or lid.

The association with appetizers is thought to have come from the old habit of placing a slice of cheese, bread with a piece of ham or olives on top of one's wine glass to keep the flies away. This edible lid was the precursor of modern-day tapas.

Tapas are intended as appetizers, as a nibble before the meal. They are appetizing, flavourful and fun to eat!

Gourmet Snacks

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A Brand new business opportunity…


Tapas Stix is a mobile food vending business, with a distinct difference. Gourmet snacks on a skewer. Think about Chorizo sausage and Haloumi cheese, dipped in a sherry and fig sauce...and you start to get the picture. If preparing great food is your passion, and you would love to offer your customers a taste sensation, look no further.


Tapas Stix enters the market with a distinct look and a mouthwatering product range. We do not imitate! 



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